Swartberg Private Game Reserve, News Aug 2012

August news from Swartberg private game reserve

Welcome to the latest addition of the Swartberg Private Wildlife Estate Newsletter. Re published here for Acacia Valley Lodge visitors. We trust that you are all doing very well and that the ladies had a wonderful Woman’s Day.

Rainfall and Weather

True to the name, “August Winds”, as the locals call it, this month has surely lived up to that. Rain, snow and gashing winds have dominated most of
the month here on Swartberg Private Wildlife Estate.

The extensive amount of rainfall over a small period of time has caused a huge amount of damage to the roads and veldt. The top road from “L-Dam” toward Rocky Ridge and Mountain Forrest Site should not be used as it has washed away at some places.


We would like to ask all owners that, should they arrange with management to leave gates unlocked for them or their guests, to please ensure that the
gates get locked when they pass through. We had an incident where the gate was left wide open after guests passed through. This is not only a security risk but the animals will escape to the main road where they could get into harm’s way or cause an accident.


Our first 2012 baby Giraffe was born on Swartberg Private Wildlife Estate this month. This brings the total Giraffes to 14.

Estimate Animal Number TOTAL 868